Barcelona Metro Timetables for 2019

Updated in 2019

Here you can find the times of Metro Barcelona’s first and last train services.

General schedules

Monday to Thursday: from 5AM to 12PM

Friday: from 5AM to 2AM

Weekend from 5AM on Saturday until 12PM on Sunday uninterruptedly

Special schedules

24th December: 5AM to 11PM

Day before Bank holiday: from 5AM to 2AM

Bank holiday: from 5AM to 12PM

Other nights with continuous service

- Verbena de Sant Joan, from 23 to 24 de June.

- Gràcia festivity, from 15 to 16 de August.

- Mercè festivity, from 19 to 20 de september.

- The Mercè festivity, from 23 to 24 de september.

- End of year and new year's Eve, from 31 de december to 1 de january.

In several events organized in Barcelona during the year, the underground offers special schedules to cover the transport needs of the city.

Get more details on these special schedules at the information desks located inside the Metro stations.