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1. What are cookies?


A "cookie" is a data file written on the hard drive of a user's computer by a website that identifies the user to a website and allows the user to remember it, personalize his/her preferences or eliminate the need to fill in forms or data on future visits. It also allows a website or advertising company to monitor the pattern or browsing behavior of users. Users can configure their browsers to alert them to the existence of "cookies" on the websites they visit, or to directly prevent cookies from being installed on their hard drives.

We leave you a video of Sérgio Luján Mora professor at the University of Alicante where he explains that cookies are the most common uses

2.- Types of Cookies


2.1: Own Cookies - Third-party Cookies


- Own cookies: These are those that are sent to your computer by the website itself. A common example would be a cookie that a portal sends to its users to know their preferences about which language they want to read its contents. When you select that you want to read the contents in Spanish within the portal it will send you a cookie with your preferences. From that moment on, as long as you have this cookie installed, the portal will show you the information in the language you have previously selected.

-Third-party cookies: These are those sent by other websites.

These if we use them in and we explain them below in detail but in summary when you visit our website Google Analitics send you a cookie to identify you and follow your navigation through our website. In this case, we do not store the cookie directly, we use google as a free service.


Types of cookies by time period that remain active


All cookies are stored on your computer with an expiry time. If these expire when you leave the website we speak of session cookies, on the other hand if their expiry lasts longer they are called persistent cookies.

An example of using a session cookie would be when you make a purchase on a website. When you select a product to purchase it, a cookie is sent to you. With this cookie on your computer the website can read it and recognize that you want this product and add it to your shopping cart. Without this cookie you will not be able to differentiate yourself from the rest of your visitors. Once the process is finished, the cookie is deleted from your computer.


Types of cookies according to their purpose



According to its purpose we can distinguish the following cookies


Technical Cookies: usually sent by the site itself to facilitate navigation through the portal. An example could be the social network Facebook. When you add your Facebook username and password, Facebook sends you a cookie to identify you from the rest of its visitors and show your restricted personal information to other users.


Customization Cookies: are the ones that save your preferences within the portal such as your language.


p>Analytic Cookies: are useful to see how the visits of a website behave within them. Data such as what pages they see, how many seconds they are in each one, etc.. These cookies are useful to improve the services provided by a portal based on how users interact with it.


Advertising Cookies: are used to customize the advertising that a portal displays to its users based on the contents of the website and the frequency at which the ads are displayed.


Behavioral advertising cookies: These cookies store information about users and their behavior and then offer relevant information about them in the available advertising spaces.


5.- Our Cookies


p>5.1.-Google Adsense Cookies


Google, as a partner provider, uses cookies to serve ads on this website. Users can disable the use of the DART cookie by placing a Google ad and accessing the privacy policy of the content network. Googe uses partner advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website. These companies may use the information they obtain from your visits to this and other websites (not including your name, address, email address or telephone number) to provide you with advertisements about products and services of interest to you.

In our effort to improve your privacy and comply with current legislation in our Adsense profile we have disabled the option to offer banners based on your browsing profile, so in you will not see remarketing banners adapted to your browsing and preferences. You will only see banners adapted to the contents of the website itself.

For the banner service system to work correctly Google sends a Doubleclick Cookie as explained in this link where an ID is registered to track the banners displayed. In no case is any personal information recorded. If you wish to disable these cookies you can do so through this link.


5.2.- Analytics Cookies


Static Cookie that is used to see the behavior (time on the site, pages visited, etc...) that your web browsing has and help us improve our services. Under no circumstances will they collect personal information



6. Cookies Management by Google


legal text here, explanation of adsense cookies here and analytics cookies here.


7.How to configure your browser not to accept cookies from our website?


If you want to configure your browser so that it does not accept cookies, you can do so by following these links:


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If you want to disable Analytics cookies you can do it by following this link

If you want to

disable adsense cookies you can do it by following this link

. One option may be to use this tool.


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