Metro Barcelona

At Metro Barcelona we want to help you find your way around this city, by providing all the information you needed to discover Barcelona by public transport.

We want to help you make the most out of your visit to Barcelona by putting together all the information you might need when travelling around this beautiful city, like the metro maps, schedules and prices.

Barcelona’s Metro Network

At present, since the last update the 12th February 2016, Barcelona has one of the most modern and efficient metros in the world, being the second largest network in Spain. Our work will be to analyze and explain from first hand all its characteristics.

Since 2006 the whole Barcelona metro network is being adapted for its use by people with reduced mobility. To inform about these adapted spaces and lines will be one of our main aims, as well as promoting actions for the Barcelona metro to be a more social and cultural space for everyone.

In the city of Barcelona there is also a network of short distance trains, as well as some tram lines, that connect with the metro. We will try to reflect on our maps the connections between these transport systems.

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