Barcelona Metro map updated in 2021

Last updated on metro map Barcelona was held in February 2016. This update Southern Line 9 that reaches airport terminals segment opened . Our map is updated with this latest change .


General map of the network


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mapa metro barcelona 2021

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On the map you can see shaded or dotted lines, these show future enlargements of the network.

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The Barcelona metro map was last updated in February 2021. In this update the southern stretch of the Line 9 was opened, connecting the Zona Universit�ria with the airport terminals. Our map is updated with this last modification.

The lines on the map that appear blurred or dotted correspond to the future extensions of the network, which are being worked on or are planned for the future.

In Metro Barcelona we want to offer all the maps that could be of interest for the metro users. Please send us an email if you have any personal creation and want to share it on this web.

This map was created by Vinals with a creative commons license and edited by in February 2021 with the latest changes.